3 Ways To Host Your Website Online

You need a reliable hosting company for your business. However, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Cheap hosting doesn’t mean that they will provide bad service. There are some budget web hosts which are equally good as the VPS hosting. Here are the options for you.

Free web hosting

One way to host your company is to use free hosting. If you only have a static website and don’t need much space then you can go for free web hosting. This type of hosting offers minimum features, but for free!

Shared web hosting

Shared web hosting costs much less than dedicated web hosting. If dedicated web hosting is not absolute necessary for you then you can go for shared web hosting. Besides it’s low price, there is no need to do any technical maintenance on the server. A third party takes care of the hardware, software and server space. If you are running a small website then a shared web hosting will be appropriate for you. With this hosting option you can have a number of features which are not present in the free hosting option. With shared hosting you can easily upload your file, create databases, accounts, etc.

Semi-dedicated hosting

This option is appropriate for maintaining multiple websites that have high traffic. Thus, you need more disk space, CPU, RAM, etc. With semi-dedicated hosting option you get better performance and more resources than a shared hosting.

These are great options if you cannot afford a dedicated hosting. The free web hosting is a bit unprofessional; unless you have very strict budget, you can go for either shared hosting or semi-dedicated hosting.

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